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By on May 13, 2015 in Interesting, WordPress

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Create Image Hovers Easily

Creating an image hover effect in WordPress is very easy using this amazing plugin Visual Slide Box Builder. The plug-in is FREE and also comes with a paid version that allows you to create responsive layouts. There are quite a few WordPress Image Hover Plugins out there, but this one is designed specifically for people that don’t have time to deal with HTML, CSS, Javascript and none of that, people that prefer an easy user interface.

User Friendly

Visual Slide Box Builder is as easy as it gets. You can create image hover effects without having to know a thing about HTML, CSS or javascript; this plugin does everything for you. Simply design a Hover Animation using the intuitive UI with live preview. Save your creation, retrieve the shortcode and paste it anywhere on your WordPress Site.

This WordPress image hover plugin can be used to create a lot of interactive content on your site. There is no limit to the number of image hovers you can create, therefore you can create a whole home page with this plugin.

THE WordPress Image Hover Plugin

Visual Slide Box Builder
Intuitive User Interface with Live Preview
As you can see here it is comes packed with lots of features and properties you can tinker with. And the best part is that you don;t need to know about web development to create awesome animations. With the Live Preview integrated in this WordPress Image Hover Plugin you can create as you go with confidence.


Responsive is not included on the Free version of the plugin, but its can be purchased and easily integrated. The advantages of having this tool responsive are obvious, it will allow you to create grids and columns of amazing hover effect boxes.

Wordpress Image Hover Plugin Responsive Grid

Buy Responsive Pack!


A very simple demonstration of the plugin. Hover over the rocket image:

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