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By on Sep 13, 2014 in CSS, HTML, WordPress

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Free WordPress Image Hover Effect Plugin

Rollover Images are a very nice gadget for your site and that is because they are a great way to capture visitors’s attention by interacting with them. You have probably come across them while visiting some website due to their increased popularity. If you don’t know what a rollover image is let me show you right bellow:

What are Rollover Images

Basically it is an image that when you put your mouse over it (rollover) it changes. The change could be in color, size, opacity or a whole new different image.
See image bellow

Now you can see why this is such an important and cool feature for your site. It allows you to capture your visitors attention by interacting with them (hovering over the image) in a way that is not intrusive or annoying.

Rollover Images are cool and all, but by default they don’t offer much content. So if you really want to put then to use you are going to have to take it to the next level by adding some text content perhaps. This will allow you to display promotions, new deals, special event etc. in a way that will catch your visitor attention and won’t go unnoticed.

The good news is that if you use WordPress for your website you are in luck. There happens to be a plugin out there that will help you create rollover images and much more very easily, without have to write a line of code.

Creating Image Hover Effect in WordPress

I have made a plugin WP Visual Slide Box Builder which allows you to create rollover images and much more. As I mentioned above, rollover images by default are just an image that turns into another image, not very helpful in providing rich content, such as promotions or events. With this plugin you can easily do rollover images an much more. You can add text content to the rollover image, creating a powerful and interactive hover effect that will definably help you in capturing visitors attention.The plugin is Free, you are welcome to use it in your site, and you can build multiple image hover effects.

Sample Image Hover Effects


Responsive is not included on the Free version of the plugin, but its can be purchased and easily integrated. The advantages of having this tool responsive are obvious, it will allow you to create grids and columns of amazing hover effect boxes.

Wordpress Image Hover Plugin Responsive Grid

Buy Responsive Pack!

For more demos go here:

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