Website & app development- Is it worth to use WordPress CMS

By on Nov 16, 2015 in WordPress

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Why WordPress is  worth using for website and mobile application development? 

WordPress CMS was establish since year 2003 and is definitely popular among bloggers across the world. Over last few years, WordPress has gained its importance as a content management software tools for bloggers as well as non-bloggers in terms of both professional and personal use statistics. Here are  top convincing reasons why it is worth to use WordPress for company’s websites as well as for other reasons.


WordPress is simple to use with its high intuitive interfaces. Adding all new pages, blog posts, images, etc. on a casual basis can be achieved quickly. Due to its simplicity, time spent on WordPress for formatting is comparetively less.

WordPress is a browser-based content management software where users can easily login from any of their internet connected devices and can manage their blogging site efficiently.

WordPress is HTML constraint free content management software tool. Creating  a new page everytime, blog posting, formatting texts, uploading images, editing images, uploading documents, sharing video files, accessing image galleries are  all kinds of benefits that your WordPress software can offer you without the need of accessing HTML coding and FTP software.

The coding attribute that are being added to WordPress is quite clean and simple, making it easy for search engines to read and manage all indexes for their site content. Each of the page, posts and image galleries posses its own meta tag keywords, description with their title that can be optimized enough for using specific keywords to allow a proper search engine optimization method.

Control your WordPress website easily

With WordPress content management software, users can have full control of every aspect of their WordPress sites that can be easily adjusted to those simple updates easily.

WordPress acts as an engine for your website. With the help of WordPress content management software, users can customize their brands fully by providing a unique to their visitors without any glitches.

Well, users can have full advantage to add event calendars, video galleries, Twitter Feeds, Facebook Fan Panels and many other features that are often required by them. WordPress has extremely profound plugin application options where most of them are highly reasonably priced.

WordPress sites are highly innovative. Users can easily access thousands of pages and blog posts on their own created site without compromising the performance of the site.

As a WordPress administrator, you can easily access the flexibility of setting-up multiple users for websites and can have smooth access to various levels and capabilities to each user.

Every WordPress installation process comes with different varieties of useful alternatives:

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins tools are used to extend all the functionalities of WordPress content management softwares. With all the available plugins , users can turn WordPress into a radio channel, news channel or photography content management process in few easy steps. Well,  before you download any plugin, users should make sure they have few specific kind of support applications and can easily plan to upgrade various plugins as WordPress upgrading process. Always remember, having too many plugins leads to good rating systems.

WordPress Themes

WordPress themes work uniquely to let users design easily and access functionalities of a WordPress site. Each theme has different stylling guidelines, offering numerous of choices for site owners to allow them instantly manage an overall look of wordpress websites. Well, its quite interesting to know that there are free themes available instantly that can be accessed via WordPress.org link or by accessing premium themes for purchase all over the web.

There are few themes that offers drop down navigation menu setting options to work with, by allowing people to have control over what goes in which direction by accessing dragging and dropping options.

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