Top Five WordPress Hover Animation Plugins

By on Mar 15, 2018 in WordPress

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Determine the Top Five WordPress Hover Animation Plugins for Amazing Effects

WordPress by far is the most popular open source CMS or Content Management System used by around 75 million websites all over the world. It’s free to install, to deploy and to upgrade. Hundreds of thousands of plugins and templates power a simple and flexible interface that reduces the costs of development and time of deployment.

Choosing a platform is one of the first and most critical decisions an organization has to make for a new website. The CMS or Content Management System helps determine how well the website runs, together with the amount of customization options and tools available. However, with all the potential choices available in the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately there is an option that is a safe bet in most circumstances, and that is WordPress. This is a free open-source MCS that’s perfect for building anything, from simple blogs to thriving e-commerce websites. WordPress is easy to use, but flexible and powerful enough to accommodate unique requirements.

WordPress is open source and thus free. It’s one of the biggest selling points of the platform. This means it’s possible to check it out without having to pay for the privilege and in the long run there would be one less ongoing cost to worry about. To make use of the advanced features offered by the plugins, themes and other tools, there are tons of low-cost and free options to choose from.


Website design companies could build web apps and websites using the WordPress platform. Take for instance a web development company Melbourne that has been delivering quality services in a range of frameworks, such as WordPress. The service providers and developers are proficient in executing small, medium and big scale projects.

Web design and web design and development jobs have come a long way since early HTML static websites. Nowadays, web designers are required to pay a great deal of attention to the interaction design element of the websites they build. One of the biggest parts of interaction design includes making a separate style for hover states. The hover state will determine how various website elements react when hovered over by the cursor of a user. WordPress is supported by an engaged, thriving community. There are hundreds of thousands of developers, designers and enthusiast to help should one get stuck in the development process.


  1. Ease of use. The platform is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface.
  2. No HTML Editing or FTP software needed. WordPress is self-contained and does not need an HTML editing software.
  3. Manage a website from any computer. WordPress is browser-based. One could log in from any computer with an internet connection and manage the website.
  4. Search Engines love WordPress websites. The code is very simple and clean, making it easy for search engine to read and index the content of a website.
  5. Control over the Website. There is no more waiting for a web designer to make simple updates to a website. It allows controlling every aspect of the website.
  6. Website design is 100 percent customizable. WordPress acts as an engine for a website. The feel and look of the site could be 100 percent customized so the brand could shine through on the site and provide a unique experience.


For a website or blog with graphics and images as the major elements of focus, instead of text, then there should be a cool image hover effect plugin installed. This is because hover effects encourage readers to click on images on the website and so boost page views. WordPress has an excellent bundle of hover effect plugins that could be used for websites. The great plugins come with beautiful however effects as well as various animations. These will look stunning on online portfolios, photography website, image galleries or plugins that would definitely come in handy at some point.




Visual Slide Box Builder

Create an amazing hover animations without having to write any code. The plugin has real time preview to guide one as he or she is building. It is fully customizable with no coding experience needed. Everything is done via the UI, which is extremely intuitive and easy to use as well. There is a wide range of in-built animations and themes. Create simple hover effects of take it to the next level with advanced features and beautiful grids.



RD Hover Effects

It is an impressive hover effects collection. It’s easy to use the amazing, beautiful image powered by pure CSS3 as well as iHover. The RD Hover Effects WordPress Plugin comes with several impressive hover effects that could be used on images to boost the way the website looks and how visitors interact with it.


CSS3 Transitions

This is a wonderful CSS3 transition hover effect and free to use. It could add a fun dose to a website and could be used in a lot of creative ways. It could be added easily to a website. The plugin may be exactly what a website was missing. Never miss the chance to enhance interaction on the website via this amazing plugin.


Dynamic Grid

This is a dynamic grid layout that allows choosing how many columns and rows of items are shown. Based partly on the Google Trends visualization. Check out this wonderful plugin and change how visitors interact with the company website.


Hover Effects Pack

This plugin allows adding an image via short code and set hover animation, text delay and text animation. The plugin could come in very handy when trying to boost the way the website is built. Definitely, it is worth checking out.



Hover effects add functionality to a website in a lot of ways. It is a wonderful solution to maintain a modern and sleek finish as well as to display the necessary information on a website. Examples of implementation include the following:

It takes know-how to determine which areas in a website could be improved by hover effects. It is a good idea to test it out first. There are so many examples of hover effects, descriptions and comments that provide a better view or understanding of the animation plugin to choose.


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