The 5 Amazingly Smart Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

By on Jun 10, 2016 in Interesting

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Affiliate Marketing Plugins for WordPress

You can monetize your WordPress Website very effectively by becoming a part of an affiliate network.

Once you have become an affiliate for a lucrative, high yield network like Amazon or the brilliant Envato itself, you can start raking in profits hand over fist. A lot of it depends upon the kind of products you choose, of course. High-end premium products will earn you more in commissions, while cheaper products yield less for the same number of sales, even though you don’t have to work too hard to sell them.

But you already know that. So let’s put the theories aside and discuss practical application instead. As I said in the beginning, it’s easier to market your affiliates’ products on WordPress websites, simply because the platform is user-friendly, has as many integrations with ecommerce tech as you want, and features can be added for just about any price.

In this post, I have listed 5 of the top most affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress, picked for their generally awesome code and all-around great user-rating.


1.    Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links works wonderfully with your own WordPress taxonomy system and automatically creates affiliate links that are contextually relevant to Amazon products’ pages. Once you have selected the categories in which you want to insert affiliate links, the plugin will show the category-relevant products and place your affiliate link.

For affiliate marketing bloggers who can create good content regularly (check out Maria Popova’s BrainPickings.com for example), this plugin saves time and works efficiently. It supports all ten of the Amazon divisions and doesn’t compromise functionality on JavaScript disabled/ legacy browsers.


2.    WooZone – Amazon Contextual Recommendations

WooZone Contextual Recommendations

WooZone Contextual Recommendations is a smart plugin that places link where they are contextually appropriate for maximum effect and ‘natural’, ‘non-pushy’ appearance of your affiliate links.

The plugin can be found on Envato Market’s Codecanyon.com and has a general user rating of over 4/5 stars. It pulls data from Amazon’s Product Advertising API, runs a thorough analysis on your content and metadata, and uses your posts’ most relevant keywords to display significant Amazon products. You get configuration controls for number of links displayed in a post, enable/ disable display of product prices and details of the seller/ retailer, geo-targeting for higher sales, statistics, and appearance controls like color, alignment, positioning, etc.



3.    ThirstyAffiliates


ThirstyAffiliates is a premium and positively power packed suite of apps and tools that will make an affiliate marketer weep for joy.

The plugin gives you tools that to easily create and manage affiliate links, combined with canny code that lets you cloak them from search engine crawlers (avoid penalties). There are tools for managing redirection, appearance of affiliate links (basically all that the plugin Pretty Lite Links does), easy export/ import functionality (from previous affiliate management plugin), keyword linking (to affiliate site/ pages), geo-targeting (for higher sales), and so much more.

It’s a complete arsenal of features and the core plugin is available for free for WordPress websites (yay!). You can extend the core’s features with free and premium add-ons available at the website.


The following plugins need WooCommerce (free plugin) integration into your WordPress website. Don’t worry; you can download WooCommerce for free from WordPress.org Plugin Repository or WooThemes.com


4.    WooCommerce Envato Affiliates

WooCommerce Envato Affiliates

I adore this plugin, but if you are not an affiliate marketer for digital products of all kinds for a network that pays upwards of 3 million dollars (!) in affiliate commissions every year, it won’t do much for you.

The rest of us can bask in the awesomeness that is WooCommerce Envato Affiliates plugin.

This no-nonsense, super efficient beauty is blazing fast and comes packing some truly remarkable SEO features combined with advanced in site search with powerful filters, product info import (bulk or single, straight from Envato product description pages), and more pretty lovely stuff like a simple but stunning WooCommerce theme (ready with custom page and post templates, widgets, and advert banners), direct checkout (optional – affiliate products can be bought straight from your website), import by popularity or other specification (Envato search filters work this way), and more.



5.    WooExpress – WooCommerce Aliexpress Affiliates


If you are an Aliexpress affiliate and have a WordPress website, you absolutely must have WooExpress.

This plugin is beautifully optimized for performance as well as SEO, runs along pretty smoothly with any WooCommerce theme you can find, and has some brilliant product info import features that will cut your work and time requisite by a considerable amount.

You get configuration options for product placement across your pages and posts, shortcodes, statistics for thorough monitoring, and SEO-friendly product image naming features to make them easy to index.



There you are, 5 of the top most WordPress affiliate marketing plugins for your website. The point is to make the whole setup of becoming an affiliate marketer as easy and hassle free as possible so that you can focus on creating relevant content and leave the more technical aspects to the plugins. Afterwards, you can place your affiliate’s links and products in your posts in a manner that won’t look out of place.

Just make sure you’re not marketing and selling anything that you wouldn’t use, and you will do great.

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