How to combine multiple Jira Boards in a single page view

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Jira is by far the leading Project Management tool in the industry. It offers powerful and useful features to allow small or large teams manage their project/products more efficiently. In the software development industry it is also extremely popular, to the point that almost every developer I know has at one point in his/her career work in a company where they used Jira. In this short article we are going to discuss a specific configuration for Jira to make project management more effective and efficient.

Combining Jira boards in a single view

Jira provides the ability to create many boards to manage your team and resources. This is key in planning and organizing work load across the teams. Boards are custom and allow you to define queries/filters to your liking. However, one lacking feature with boards is the ability to combine them into one view. Why would you want to combine multiple boards in a single page view?

The advantage of combining multiple boards into a single view

If you manage multiple teams, sometimes the best thing to do is to create a board for each team. This gives you flexibility to manage each team independently and to track the average velocity per team. However, right of the bat there is an imminent problem; Sprint Planning can get tricky. With each board being isolated, it becomes difficult to see the big picture across all teams in active or future sprints.

Unfortunately managing this using Jira alone is a pain in the rear. It means switching between multiple boards and planning sprints at the board level, not ideal. Ideally one would like to have a view that combines all boards and sprints. This way planning becomes easier, as you have high-level visibility into all your teams and sprints. Since a sprint is really a block of time, technically speaking you can only truly have one sprint at the time. Having all your boards in the same place, referencing the same sprint gives you the advantage of seeing how loaded a sprint is, how many issues across all teams you are working on per sprint, share epics across teams, and track the average velocity for each team in any particular sprint. OK, this is a lot to take in, so let’s visualize it.

2 Teams working on same sprint – (Multiple Jira Boards in a single page view)


Referencing the screenshot above, let’s pretend that we are managing a project for Space-X. In this example it is an extremely easy/simplified project. We have 2 teams, Engineering and Marketing. Both teams are going to be working on Sprint Pre-launch phase 1. Engineering team will be working on 4 issues (2 epics) and Marketing will be working on 2 issues (1 epic).

As you can see, this view makes things super simple when planning a sprint across multiple teams. You have visibility in one place to both team (both boards) and what they are working on for the current/future sprint(s).

How to Combining Jira boards in a single view

So how do you combine multiple boards into a single page view in Jira. Unfortunately there is no right of the bat solution for this with Jira alone. The best way to achieve this is using an Add-on. Early Bird planner is pioneering this Jira configuration for project managers across many industries.





Early Bird for Jira

This Add-on was built specifically to solve this problem, provide Jira users visibility across multiple boards without having to switch between multiple pages. Access multiple Jira boards in a single page view and manage your teams more effectively and efficiently.

I truly hope you found this information useful, and remember to drop your thoughts and feedback in the form of comments below. Thanks for your time reading this article 🙂

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