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By on Dec 8, 2015 in WordPress

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Making a living developing WordPress Sites

Whether you are a WordPress freelancer developing websites for clients or someone looking to build a WordPress website having the right tools can make your life a lot easier. WordPress is all about reusability, there are tons of plugins and themes out there that can significantly expedite the process.

As a developer, I have built many websites and web apps before, and at first it was a tedious process. I was trying to treat all jobs completely different and create resources for each individual one. It took me a while to realize this was not efficient and was costing me a lot of time. So I decided to consolidate my resources and centralize everything. For example instead of developing a brand new theme per client, I started using the same theme and simply customizing it to the specific client’s need. This alone saved me tons of time, and as they say “time is money”.

The advantages of reusing WordPress themes are great. You save a lot of time by not having to do tedious repetition of creating new WordPress themes, and simply modifying or customizing existing ones. By applying this simple technique I was able to boost my revenue and organize my workflow. But again I ran into another bottleneck. I was reusing the same WordPress theme over and over again, that I eventually ran out of customizations to make it look different. And that is when I realize that the “one size fit all” approach was naive. But I didn’t wanted to go back to developingWordPress themes from scratch again. So what now?

Finding good WordPress Themes & Plugins

I decided that if I was to make a living out of developing WordPress websites for clients I was to invest a little bit on my business and upgrade my tools. I needed a few more themes that I could used, and I needed industry specific themes. Also, a lot of my clients have asked me for specific functionalities that require some additional plugins.  So I decided that I must find a place where I could purchase some professional WordPress themes and plugins that were “ready to go” without need to change their core.

The good news is that there are lots of WordPress themes and plugins for sale out there, and free ones too! However, this was not about quantity but rather quality, so finding the right marketplace that had everything I needed was a bit of a hassle.

Awesome WordPress Themes & Plugins Ahead!

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I came across this website as I was doing my search for some awesomeWordPress themes and plugins Club WPeka . They are a WordPress themes and plugins marketplace that has over 100 products available. What really caught my attention one small fee gives you can get access to all products. Also, they have a diligent team for support that will help you solved any type of WordPress issue even if not related with one of their products. All of their themes and plugins are periodically updated and well maintained, which ensures you are not buying some outdated theme that will not work after a few WordPress version updates. I was able to get access to over 100 WordPress products for a fraction of what I charge my clients. I was very happy about this.


Making a living developing websites is not as easy as it might sound. There are ups and downs and one thing is certain, everything is constantly changing. So thinking that you can do it all by yourself just to save a few bucks is simply naive. Instead, you should stay updated and leverage services such as Club WPeka where you can find fresh up to date material for your development. My advice to you, don’t be cheap and invest a little $$ on making your business better.

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