Essential factors to be considered for designing an Ecommerce Website that every developer should know

By on Dec 15, 2020 in Ecommerce, Interesting

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Website development is quite a complicated task, as not everyone can get it right for the first time, especially when you plan to get your Custom eCommerce Solution.

There are a lot of things which a beginner has to look for. Many companies are available in the market, but choosing the right one is tough.

No doubt opening an online store or building a large-scale eCommerce solution is the right choice, but it’s not a cakewalk that will exponentially increase your revenues overnight.

It demands various strategic measures to achieve considerable business growth, even with the best e-commerce solutions available in the market. One has to be very wise and logical in selecting the Ecommerce Development Solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.

Factors to be considered for designing an Ecommerce Website

There are many aspects to take care of like layout, navigation, shopping cart, payment integration, and many more that can give the consumer a soothing experience while creating a Custom eCommerce Solution.

Let’s talk about a few of them in brief as follows:

  1. Keep Your Design Relevant To Your Products.

If you want to optimize your e-commerce web design for better conversions, you should simplify it for better customer service. To maintain a simple but effective design of your e-commerce website, remove unnecessary information, and utilize a fast-loading design theme with plenty of white space.

  1. Displaying the Products with Effective Description.

The most significant challenge for online shoppers is that they cannot see products in real before buying them like they do with a brick and mortar store. To ease this customer’s difficulty, you’ll need to improve your e-commerce web design with high-quality product images and sometimes video as per product requirement.

  1. Low Or Waived Of Shipping Charges

Free shipping boosts conversion rates and drives revenue by increasing the average order value in more than one way. A survey report found that 40% of customers are likely to buy more items if offered free shipping. They always try to offer free shipping in your Ecommerce Development Solutions.

  1. Attractive Web Design

There is a saying “the first impression is the best impression” which means you need to represent your business place so that customers will be pleased to buy a product from your site. For an attractive website, you must look for light-weighted themes such as Generate Press.

  1. Guest Checkout

Guest checkout offers an excellent advantage for the consumer as it takes less time. When customers opt for guest checkout, they aren’t required to create an account or need to log in. This facility reduces customer’s efforts in the buying process and helps consumers convert faster.

  1. Hassle-Free Checkout Procedure

Using one-step checkout, customers do not need to click multiple times to shift towards further steps. It enables hassle-free checkout with the lesser time consumed. When customers look at multiple steps checkout, they feel it is too long to get rid of.

The consumer considers that this lengthy checkout is asking for less critical information. In one step checkout, the customer feels satisfied as they will check out after filling a very few details.

  1. Wide Range of Payment Options.

During checkout, you want to make the processes as convenient as possible. At this point in your online shopping, multiple payment gateways help. If the consumer does not find their preferred payment method, they are likely to abandon their shopping carts in a survey of online shoppers about their reasons for not checking out after filling the cart.

The survey concluded that 8% of people abandoned because there weren’t sufficient payment methods to choose from. This analysis represents a considerable number of missed sales,

  1. Contact info

If a customer faces an issue or difficulty while viewing your site, they’re likely to look around for the “contact us” page or go down to the bottom of the page searching for contact information. Keep your contact information as easy to find and visible. Losing a customer for something as simple as forgetting to put an e-mail address or phone number on your homepage is ridiculous and silly.

It is always preferred to include as much contact information as possible. There are many options to include in contact info here, such as an e-mail address, a phone number, hours of operation, a contact form that will allow users to send an e-mail directly, or even a widget that will enable them to send a Facebook message to your company directly through the website.

  1. Short Loading Period

The speed of an e-commerce website plays a crucial role in its conversion rate. Creating an appealing website or offering deals only work if the website fast enough to show them.

Nowadays, no one likes to wait. The average online user is not at all patient. They like real-time experience. An eCommerce website that pops up in less than 3 seconds attracts the visitor and enhances their purchasing behavior and decision-making process of using your Ecommerce Development Solutions.

  1. Scaling Business With Social Media

You might have noticed that popular e-commerce stores have buttons linked to their social media on their website. Including social icons in your e-commerce web design enables customers to keep in touch and encourages more long-term customer/brand relationships.

The presence of social media links on your website has also been found to boost SEO rankings! However, make sure that the links open your social media accounts in a new tab since you don’t want people leaving your original website.

Wrapping up

Keeping these aspects of an eCommerce site in mind during the development of a website will ensure that you give your users the best experience and assist you in making an effective custom eCommerce solution. Apart from these, there are many more elements to consider when developing your site. You need to make sure you are planning for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and maintaining your product data organized, and considering how to target different users and other aspects in your mind.

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