PSD to HTML Conversion – Revolutionizing the Web Development.

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PSD to HTML Conversion. There are many new businesses coming up in resent times and to prosper and propagate the businesses people need to create their website whit has to be attractive, easy to use as well as interactive. The website for any business is pretty much the foundation and it helps the business to have a good online presence. But what goes into making the best website? These days anyone can create a website, but a lot of thought, imagination, technical skills and many more factors goes into creating the best website that will help your business flourish. That means a lot of work is put into making a perfect website which will decide the future of your business. The PSD to HTML conversion is one of the most helpful tools to make your website look even more perfect. For the sake of progress many companies or business prefer to hire the Top PSD to HTML conversion service who can make them the perfect website for their business which will in turn help them grow online and also help them have a strong stand in the already competitive market. But what exactly is PSD to HTML conversion? Well to begin with the mere basics, PSD stands for Photoshop Document and HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. So, to create a website the developer has to first make a layout of the website as to how they want it to look on Photoshop next when they are satisfied with...

Essential factors to be considered for designing an Ecommerce Website that every developer should know

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Website development is quite a complicated task, as not everyone can get it right for the first time, especially when you plan to get your Custom eCommerce Solution. There are a lot of things which a beginner has to look for. Many companies are available in the market, but choosing the right one is tough. No doubt opening an online store or building a large-scale eCommerce solution is the right choice, but it’s not a cakewalk that will exponentially increase your revenues overnight. It demands various strategic measures to achieve considerable business growth, even with the best e-commerce solutions available in the market. One has to be very wise and logical in selecting the Ecommerce Development Solutions that align perfectly with your requirements. Factors to be considered for designing an Ecommerce Website There are many aspects to take care of like layout, navigation, shopping cart, payment integration, and many more that can give the consumer a soothing experience while creating a Custom eCommerce Solution. Let’s talk about a few of them in brief as follows: Keep Your Design Relevant To Your Products. If you want to optimize your e-commerce web design for better conversions, you should simplify it for better customer service. To maintain a simple but effective design of your e-commerce website, remove unnecessary information, and utilize a fast-loading design theme with plenty of white space. Displaying the Products with Effective Description. The most significant challenge for online shoppers is that they cannot see products in real before...

Top reasons to consider full-stack developers for SMBs

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A full-stack developer is a web developer who can efficiently work on the front end and back end of a website. It means that they can handle projects that include databases, developing user-centric websites, or even work with clients throughout the planning phase of projects. Before we understand the top reasons to choose full-stack developers for SMBs, let clear the basics.   With the advancement of the web and the internet, developers have become more specialized. Currently, web development means a lot of different things depending on what a web developer specializes in. Have a look at the three main categories: Front end development – development of the visible parts of a website or app (design) Back end development – development of the databases and infrastructure through various computer programming languages Full-stack development – development of a web stack, mobile stack, or a native application stack. The developers manage the front end and back end of the app.   Full-stack developers are helping SMBs in many ways. From using their hands-on experience to efficiently coordinating with clients, they can perform a better job. Let’s explore the reasons for how full-stack developers are helping Small and Midsize Business (SMB).   Versatile technology skills Full-stack developers are proficient at working on the front end and back end of a website or app. Generally, front end developers write codes using JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Besides, they have sufficient knowledge of other technology stacks such as back-end languages, web architecture, web storage, database,...

How can artificial intelligence in clinical trials transform the Industry

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The World of Artificial Intelligence Slowly, artificial intelligence (AI) is introduced in every aspect of our lives, being capable of solving difficult challenges in more than a few very efficacious and quick ways. Nowadays, this technology has even demonstrated its potential to change the clinical trial management process. But how? Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials Firstly, AI could be used to create smarter protocol designs, which can exponentially increase the clinical trials´ success rates. Is very common for scientists to use data from prior protocol designs to structure the new ones. However, this often results in poorly programmed trials, leading to excessive costs, deficient data, and other not identified problems that increase the delay of the projects. With artificial intelligence, these issues are reduced to a minimum, being capable of taking the positive and negative aspects of prior clinical trials and making an almost perfect new project, adjusting any matter of concern. In addition, AI is capable of providing success or failure probabilities, patients´ possible response rates, among other important factors. Patient recruitment is another factor that, if not done right, can jeopardize the entire clinical trial. In the present, these recruitment issues produce millions and millions of monetary loses, leading to the shutdown of multiple scientific projects. Using AI, patients are selected comparing their electronic medical records and all sort of data with specific selection criteria, instead of relying only on the doctor’s opinion. In addition, artificial intelligence in clinical trials can also help in data collection and...

Must follow tips for replacing the Bad UX with an Excellent UX Design

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Must follow tips for replacing the Bad UX with an Excellent UX Design We all want to create loyal, engaged and repeat customers. Right? Well, the most important key is designing the right UX design for your app. A good UX has a drastic effect on the kind of experience the user has with your product. And of course, positive experiences lead to improved engagement rates in tandem with a steady growth. But, a lot of developers generally make a lot of mistakes while creating their app UX. In our post today, we will highlight some of the most common pitfalls for designers to avoid and thus translate design theories into smart solutions that effectively work in the real world. Most of these mistakes are trivial and can be easily resolved. All it needs is a little bit of time and effort in spotting them. Let’s have a look.   Some of the Most Common Mistakes That Designers Commit While Designing their UX Greater emphasis on “Striking Design” rather than “Functional Architecture” Well, this is the most common mistake that is committed by designers, as they focus more on creating an impressive design rather than developing a design that is more usable and functional. Their first instinct is blowing away their users by the way their app looks. Thus, they entirely focus on creating a stunning visual design that can make their app stand apart. This is where they go wrong. They need to understand that the best and...

How to combine multiple Jira Boards in a single page view

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Jira is by far the leading Project Management tool in the industry. It offers powerful and useful features to allow small or large teams manage their project/products more efficiently. In the software development industry it is also extremely popular, to the point that almost every developer I know has at one point in his/her career work in a company where they used Jira. In this short article we are going to discuss a specific configuration for Jira to make project management more effective and efficient. Combining Jira boards in a single view Jira provides the ability to create many boards to manage your team and resources. This is key in planning and organizing work load across the teams. Boards are custom and allow you to define queries/filters to your liking. However, one lacking feature with boards is the ability to combine them into one view. Why would you want to combine multiple boards in a single page view? The advantage of combining multiple boards into a single view If you manage multiple teams, sometimes the best thing to do is to create a board for each team. This gives you flexibility to manage each team independently and to track the average velocity per team. However, right of the bat there is an imminent problem; Sprint Planning can get tricky. With each board being isolated, it becomes difficult to see the big picture across all teams in active or future sprints. Unfortunately managing this using Jira alone is a pain in the rear. It means switching between...