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By on Jul 18, 2014 in Interesting

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Looking for a reliable (“The Best”) SMS Gateway?

Well I got one for you. Actually, I been using this service for quite sometime now, and that is why I feel so comfortable recommending it. It’s name is Twilio. Twilio is very popular for SMS and Voice. It’s very well documented for developers, and even for beginners. In my opinion they have the cleanest API compared to other Gateways.

Here are some of the features they offer:

Global Text Messaging API

Build apps that send and receive SMS using phone numbers and short codes. Let friends say hello, tell customers their packages are delivered or alert employees that a shift is ready. The API enables users to communicate with your app or chat with one another; your code decides.

Build Intelligent Communications

Twilio lets you use standard web languages to build SMS and voice applications. They’re connected to carrier networks globally and expose them to you via a clean, powerful web API. So bring your favorite programming language, a web server, and build the next generation of communications with them.

Cloud Powered

They’re built in the cloud. Their API is always available as I already mentioned, continuously upgraded and auto-scales to meet your needs. When you move your communications to the cloud, there are no tricky VPNs to configure or SMPP binds to manage. Just send them your message via HTTP, and they will deliver it anywhere in the world.

best sms gateway

Why Twilio is The Best SMS Gateway

Overall Twilio is definably a really good option. Whether you’re looking into building a SMS or Voice App check them out. They are well known and their prices aren’t bad at all. Compare to other SMS Gateways, Twilio stands out.

After all it all comes down to 2 main things. Cost and Reliability. Which it is kind of a tradeoff between them. Either you find very reliable and costly, or not so reliable and cheap. With Twilio, you get both. They charge $1.00/Month for Phone numbers and $0.0075 per message. As far as Voice goes, the price per number is the same, and they charge $0.01 per minute. These numbers are pretty good, taking into consideration that you get one of the best SMS gateway, with one of the best documentation.

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