UX vs UI Designer

By on Nov 7, 2015 in CSS, Interesting

UX vs UI Designer These two terms are often used together and not all understand; often confused in the industry, the two profiles are different from each other and the skills and knowledge required is also different. In contemporary times where internet is the ultimate power to knowledge and website are its resources; having a great website that grabs the user’s attention and keep him hooked is more important than ever and that is what both UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) designer does. It’s a common misconception at workplace and even in job listings or job requirements is the combination or interchange of the terms. Usually, the expectation is that an interface designer should understand and have knowledge of user experience because their work is similar to that of user interface designer. In simple terms, user interface is not user experience. The terms are used together so often that they are considered as one. And get me wrong, they are certainly related areas, and in fact many designers are knowledgeable and competent in both. But there is a difference. UX Designer The main responsibility of the UX designer is to see how the product feels, check if the product follows a logical path, understand if there are any hindrances in the process and remove it. Many people see designing to create something but designing is more about solving problems, and that is that UX designer do. The work includes usability and also add a more emotional dimension:...