10 WordPress Themes Ideal for Real Estate Business

By on Mar 10, 2016 in WordPress

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An informative and visually appealing website is a must if you are in the real estate business. This kind of a site will allow you to showcase the available properties to your potential clients in the best possible way.

If you are planning to start up a real estate related website, then you should opt for a WordPress theme that can offer you millions (literary) of powerful features and customization options to help you build a unique website for your real estate business.

Well, there is an extensive collection of purpose-oriented themes that you simply integrate into your WordPress site. And, we bring you the list of ten most stunning WordPress themes (premium/paid) that you can easily add in your real estate website within a matter of few minutes.

Let’s begin!

  1. WP Pro Real Estate 7


If you want to build one or more real estate website(s), then WP Pro Real Estate 7 is a perfect theme for your WordPress site. It is a powerful WordPress theme that offers a ton of unique features, robust options and tools, advanced search and mapping and highly- customizable options to help you build an outstanding site.

WP Pro Real Estate7 theme is popular among website owners because it offers advanced features such as submission system, inbuilt support for the dsIDXpress plugin, and the user-friendly page builder that will help you create a professional-looking Real Estate site.

Other essential features of WP Pro Real Estate 7 theme are:



  1. WP Residence


WP Residence is a beautiful WordPress theme especially designed for real estate agencies and agents. It is a fully-responsive theme offering thousands of powerful features such as detailed floor plan, price slider, print listing and much more that will help you create a well-organized website for your online real estate business.

In fact, it becomes easy to create a custom advanced search option with your custom property fields using WP Residence. You can even monitor the global header and choose whether to use the Google Maps, property theme slider, an image or none of them.

Let us overview some of the useful features of WP Residence:


  1. Zoner


The Zoner is an incredible WordPress theme for real estate websites that offer user-friendly front and backend interfaces. With this feature, you can allow your clients to create profiles, while you can easily accept payments and send invoices without any hindrances.

Plus, Zoner includes a social login for quick signings. You can also create an agent and agency profile(s) to give a personal glimpse to your business website.

In fact, it is the first theme that introduces the OpenStreet Maps, Google Maps that allows you to create your map that will suit the entire design of your site.

Some other features of Zoner are:


  1. Luster


Luster is one of the most popular WordPress themes for real estate websites as it offers plenty of page templates and customization options. It comes with seven multiple demo versions that you can choose as per your requirement.

To an addition, you can use the own custom post type called <<properties>> to build your personal listings. You can also activate the option to allow your visitors to publish their personal properties quite easily.

Essentially, it comes with the unlimited color and skins, amazing design patterns, advanced search filter and other customization options that will help you create a fully-customized site for your real estate agency.

Other compelling features of Luster:


  1. Hometown


Hometown is undoubtedly the number one WordPress theme especially crafted for real estate agents and agencies. It comes with a simple and clean design that will help you create a well organized real estate website.

This theme offers the frontend forms that will allow the visitors to sign up on your site and add their own listings with ease.

It also comes with theme control panel and tons of customization options that will help you build a customized website that will fulfill your real-estate related requirements.

Features of Hometown


  1. Real Homes


Real Homes offers simple, clean yet powerful design to the real estate website owners. It comes with loads of unique features such as advanced properties search, simple and grid listings, Google map with properties markers, multiple templates to showcase properties with customizable options. It offers some other useful features such as:


  1. Realia


Realia is a great real estate theme for WordPress offering thousands of stunning features and functions to fulfill your needs. In fact, the most relevant information will be displayed on a website in an engaging and well-structured way by using this theme.

It is a responsive theme that works smoothly on different devices and mobile platforms. Plus, its front-end submission allows users to add listings on the homepage with ease.

It also offers tons of customization options such as 20 color variations, three different headers, 10 custom backgrounds and many more that will help you create a fully-customized website for your real estate business.


  1. Shandora


Shandora is a dual purpose theme for real estate agent/agencies and car dealership based websites. It comes with the in-built quiz engine and polling system that allows you to swiftly interact with your visitors and explore about what they are searching for.

It also offers a robust and user-friendly customizable search panel that will help you set up a fully-functional real estate website easily and efficiently.



  1. Freehold


If you want a well-structured theme for your real estate website, then you can go with Freehold WP theme. It is an amazing WordPress theme that offers various customization options that will help you create a feature rich website for your business.

It offers tons of color schemes and background colors that will help you create a fully-customized site. Besides clean and well-organized design, it offers plenty of useful features:


  1. Real Places


Real Places is another amazing WordPress theme crafted particularly for Real Estate websites. It offers a clean and flexible design structure that will help you show off all your properties in an engaging way.

Plus, it offers tons of customization options and advanced features that will help you transform a professional looking real estate site with ease.

Features of Real Places


In this blog post, we have compiled the 10 most powerful WordPress themes for Real Estate websites. You can choose the most suitable one that can fit into your site easily.

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